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Jessie Woods


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clouds photo taken by Cuco Oropeza  

  With the arrival of spring our thoughts turn to the smell of flowers blooming, the sounds of children playing after a long winter indoors, fresh starts on life and falling in love.  Could life get any sweeter?

     This is the time of year we tend to take a look around and take stock of how our lives are flowing.  Does your house have that musty winter heater smell?  Do you need to borrow your neighbor’s goat because the lawn is so overgrown that you can’t push the mower?  Are the kids tired of homework and you of helping them with it?  Does one day blend into another without your knowing where it went and why you never seem to get anything accomplished?  Have you not had any “alone” time without the kids and dog interrupting? Sound familiar?

Don’t feel bad, your family is not any different than other families all over the world.  We are all in the same boat, experiencing the same trials and tribulations, asking ourselves “where’s the beef?”  The answer my friends, is in a four letter word…not the one that comes to mind…but LOVE. We are all entirely too serious for our own good.clouds

 photo taken by Ernie Cruz 

     Do you remember the first time you fell in love and how it made you feel?  The sweetness of the first kiss, the sparks that flew when you held their hand and the way your heart leapt when you heard the words “I love you”.  And wow, the courting and wooing was so much fun!  There is not a more glorious or joyful feeling in the entire world.  Everything takes on a supernatural glow and you are HAPPYYYYYYY.

     How long has it been since you flirted and laughed with your partner?  How long has it been since you had a really good talk that didn’t include a little dig?  How long has it been since the kids caught you kissing? If you can’t remember then it has definitely been to long.  You need to get outside, take a walk and activate your spiritual batteries. 

     Start by taking a walk in your own neighborhood.  When you see someone in their yard, smile and say hi.  Let the kids meet every dog and cat that comes up to them to say hi.  Enjoy all the exquisite smells of grass, flowers and fresh air.  Listen to the sounds of birds singing and children laughing.  Look up in the sky and have fun finding angel clouds.  Play the gratitude game and be thankful for the place you call home.  Who knows, maybe your new best friend only lives four doors down.

clouds photo taken by Cuco Oropeza

      Try adding holding hands to your walk and see how it changes everything.  You have spiritual batteries in the palms of your hands that have a link directly to your heart.  When you grasp someone’s hand with the intention of connecting your two hearts together something miraculous happens.  God smiles and the angels start singing.  Your heart batteries start charging and you are connected to that person in a very intimate and soul touching way.  You can “feel” your heart start to expand as your energies start to blend.  Try holding your child’s hand in this manner and see what I mean.  You will begin to SEE your family through a heart filled with unconditional love.                    

     Gentlemen, step up and take the initiative to court and woo the woman in your life.  Ask her to take a walk with you, hold her hand and let God take it from there.  What have you got to lose?  Who knows, you may just fall in love all over again.