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     When you first begin the walk of a Human Angel it can be a little intimidating.  Almost everyone will slip into doubts about what they are doing and if their connection to Spirit is true.  We will ask all our friends, who we consider more spiritual than us, if they think we are doing it right.  We will question why we don’t feel, see or hear anything.  We start to question our motives about helping others and our belief that we are good enough to do this work.

     I am here to tell you that you have a connection to God that no one, not even you, can break.  Each of us has angels that are with us all of the time, not just on Sunday or in times of distress.  So how do you go about accepting the belief that you are surrounded by Spirit and have angelic helpers that are just waiting for you to ask them to help you? What can you do right now that can turn your life around?  Start using your cosmic toolbox!

      A very wise woman, Atira, told me that everyone has their very own cosmic toolbox.  Over our lifetime we find small nuggets of spiritual truth or tools that help us to connect with our souls desire to experience belief.  Over the years I have built my own cosmic toolbox to include….books, affirmations, a pendulum, tuning forks, dousing rods, angel cards, crystals, heart rocks and even prayer is in my box.  I have also taken many spiritual classes and the information that I have gleaned holds a place in my toolbox.  As you start walking the path of the Human Angel you will find you will use your toolbox to assist you in maintaining a balanced, fun filled belief in your angels.

     Everyone’s cosmic toolbox will contain different things.  I would like to share with you three things that are in my toolbox that changed my life.  They are very simple things that I started using in January 2006.  The first is the gratitude symbol.  I came across a website called that showed the sacred symbol for gratitude.  This is a very powerful symbol that can be used in a variety of ways to assist you in living your life with a grateful heart.  Just looking at the symbol activates the hearts spiritual batteries.  I have the symbol posted at work, at home and even in my car to help me remember to be grateful for all things.

     The second item is a little book called Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue and Lynnette Brown.  It takes the numbers 1 – 999 and gives a special message from your angels for each number.  For instance…I was experiencing fear about accepting change and kept seeing the numbers 352 everywhere …on clocks, license plates, even addresses.  When I looked it up the angels said the changes I was experiencing would bring great blessings into my life.  My angels used the numbers to give me the perfect message that was needed at that time.  I have placed Angel Number books everywhere... even in my car so I can look up the numbers on the dashboard.  By the way parents, your kids will love looking the angel numbers up every time you take a trip in the car.  Try this little experiment…ask a question of your angels and pay attention to the numbers you see for three days.  You will be amazed how your angels will talk to you using the numbers.

     The third item is a solar powered chime made by that I found in Seattle at a metaphysical shop.  It is powered by any type of light including light bulbs. The soft tinkling sound calms my emotions and lifts my spirits immediately.  I noticed that the chimes would ring when ever the topic of angels would come up so I asked my angels to communicate with me using the chimes.  Wow, what happened next was nothing short of miraculous.  During my prayer time the chimes would ring nonstop.  When my grandson was visiting his laughter rang the chimes (remember laughter is the language of the angels).  While having a conversation if there was something being said I needed to pay attention to it would ring.  Over a period of time I began to trust my angels to ring the chimes when I needed that extra boost of belief.  I have given angel chimes to my sisters and have one sitting on my desk at work.  My family and friends have all experienced the magic of the chimes and have developed a belief in their angels through them.

     The art of belief is a process that you nurture over a period of time.  Using these simple techniques and your own cosmic toolbox you can cultivate the life of a human angel.  This can be a grand time of awakening the spirit within.

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