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     Are you just waking up to the fact that there is a spiritual side of you that you don’t know much about?  Is your family disjointed and going their separate ways?  Are you or a family member going through a dark night of the soul caused by illness or the loss of a loved one?  Over the last twelve years these were all questions that i needed answers to.  Where do you go? Who do you talk to?  Is there a How to Spiritual Book for Dummies?

     This is the story of a family’s journey of self discovery and reconnection.  A wise man introduced me to the term ”Human Angel”….an ordinary person who makes a commitment to be placed by spirit at exactly the right time and place to make a positive contribution in the life of another human.  Was i good enough to be a human angel?  As my mind chatter (ego) presented all the reasons i didn’t qualify, my heart told me otherwise.  Who had played the role of a human angel in my life? 

     My hope is that this website will empower you by creating a safe environment for you to explore the Spirit Human that each of us are.  My desire is that you learn how to activate your spiritual batteries through play.
My prayer is that you embrace death as a new beginning and not something to be feared.

     This website is dedicated to all those who have played the role of HUMAN ANGEL in our lives.