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   There comes a time in everyone’s life when their thoughts turn to things of a spiritual nature.  This most often occurs with the death of a loved one or when you are experiencing serious health issues.  I am not talking about religion here but deep questions about how God and his angels speak to you personally. 

     Most of us have the belief that we are not good enough for God to talk to us or that we need someone to interpret His soft whisperings.  We go from church to spiritual readers looking for that guru to help us believe that we are worthy.  We do good works hoping that God will notice us.  We are all children of God, each of us are born worthy.  How can we, as ordinary people, believe that we can talk to God?  Use your cosmic toolbox!

     As we approach this Holiday season our cosmic toolbox becomes even more important in assisting us to maintain the balanced and joyful life that God intends for us.  What did your life look like last year?  Were you stressed out, economically challenged and have a bad attitude?   How did that work for you?  Utilizing your toolbox will keep you in touch with the spirit side of you which is every Human Angels goal.

     I would like to share three more items in my cosmic toolbox that have helped me to maintain an I LOVE MY LIFE attitude.  The fourth is a monthly magazine called Sedona Journal of Emergence.  The articles are very thought provoking and on a variety of spiritual topics.  Their weekly spiritual horoscope is one of my favorites.  It is very easy to get a discussion group started using the Sedona’s articles as they apply to people of all ages, beliefs and interests.  I had a Sedona buddy and we would talk once a week on the phone about different articles.  This was great fun, we learned a lot and we helped each other grow spiritually.  A subscription to the Sedona Journal is an excellent gift idea also.

     The fifth item is daily email quotes by  Every morning I receive an email that has practical bits of advice on abundance, well-being, health and other affirmations.  I have found most of the time the quotes seem to talk to me directly…a perfect synchronicity.  Abraham-Hicks have just come out with a guided meditation CD that you do everyday for just 15 minutes.  This is an excellent way to get into the “flow” of spirit and begin a daily meditation practice using your breath.  For years I have struggled to meditate, however using this CD and the accompanied workbook I have found this easy to do.  After just a week I had more mental clarity, physical energy and felt emotionally balanced.

     The sixth item has been the most important of my spiritual life…PRAYER.
There is a lot of controversy about what constitutes prayer.  There are those that say prayer must be in a church, that you must say certain words and phrases or that you must be a “good” person for God to hear your prayers.  My BELIEF is that when you connect with the intention to talk to God you are praying.  There are no magic words you have to utter, no begging or pleading for God to hear you.  The very instant you engage your heart in conversation with God you are praying. 

     In 2007 my Mother and I started a weekly prayer time.  On Tuesday mornings from 8:15 to 8:30 we would pray for each other and our families.  Afterwards we would call each other and talk about what insights God gave us during our prayers.  As the weeks turned into months, then into years we became more spiritually in tune with each other.  My Mom was able to “pick up” on emotional issues I had and I was able to “see” pain in her body. Sometimes a person would be laid on our hearts and we would find out later that they had needed prayers.  During our prayer time the angel chimes would ring non-stop.  It was absolutely amazing how God honored our time together. 

     With the passing of my Mother I am continuing prayer time with my niece, Angel.  We both feel the comfort of Mama’s spirit with us during our prayers.  We look forward to this time of connecting our hearts to each other and talking to our Father God.    If you start a weekly prayer time a fun thing to do is to think of a color and see if the other person sees it also.  Your intuition will start to grow and your heart connection to all those you pray for will expand.

     Utilizing your cosmic toolbox will change your life and those around you.  It will help you increase your belief in yourself and in your angelic helpers.  We are all on this path together…..enjoy the ride.