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Now that we have added thankfulness to our fun list, how is your “gratitude train” running? Have you found that it hasn’t even made it out of the station? Are you finding that it is harder to be grateful than you thought it would be? Life happens…the kids are fighting, your bills are due and the car broke down. How can you be thankful when all around you life seems to be falling apart? Take a look around you at the PEOPLE in your life? Is there someone that you would miss if they weren’t there? What about someone that makes you laugh? How about Mom that holds you when you cry or Dad who taught you how to ride your first bike? Can you be thankful for the co-worker who gave you a ride to work or the neighbor who cooked your family a meal when you were ill? What about a pet that loves you everyday? EVERY SINGLE PERSON has someone who means something to them. Make a list of each person and write three things about them that you are grateful for. When you are feeling a little down take out the list and read it OUTLOUD. This will give your spiritual batteries a HUGE jumpstart.

Doing this simple exercise activates your heart and you will find yourself FALLING IN LOVE. You will start to see the people you are thankful for in a different light. Pick one person a week and think about the wonderful things they bring to your life. You can do this easily while you go about your normal routine. While brushing your teeth, driving to work or taking a bath and this becomes a prayer for this person also. You will find that when you get your heart involved in anything, love will be the result.

The most important person you need to fall in love with is…YOURSELF. YOU are the most important person in your world. This is NOT being selfish. If you don’t take care of you, who will? You can not be any good to others if you are tired, angry or feeling guilty. When you look at your life do you see the good things about you or do you only see the “bad” things you do? Changing the way you view yourself is the key to your heart.

Grant yourself a FRESH START. What do I mean by that? Start by forgiving yourself. We all have done or said something to someone else that we thought hurt them. Most of the time we have made ourselves sick thinking about our transgression and the other person hasn’t even given it a second thought. Get over it and stop beating up on yourself. Before you go to bed tonight tell yourself that tomorrow you will wake up a new person. The slate is wiped clean and you are forgiven…Believe it to be true and it is.

When you get up in the morning, go to the mirror, look into your eyes and say, out loud, “I love you, say your name.” The first time you do this it can be very difficult. We are not used to loving ourselves and the words seem to stick in our throats. Keep trying and repeat this at least three times. As you go about your day you will begin remembering your good qualities and start to like yourself again. Within a week your families will notice that something is different about you and that your smile is back.

Now that you have forgiven yourself, what about your partner? Can you let them wipe the slate clean also? Have you had an argument that you just can’t seem to resolve? Can you agree to disagree? Sit facing each other and hold hands. Look into each others eyes and say “I love you say their name.” Taking turns, say this to each other at least three times. After you stop laughing, and you will, the things that you were so mad about before won’t seem quite as big.

Parents, can you give this forgiveness gift to your children? Is their room a mess or are they on restriction? Let them wipe the slate clean too. Have a family meeting and explain to them that you are starting fresh. Help them clean their room and let them have a fresh start at doing it themselves. If they are grounded, tell them tomorrow is a new day and all is forgiven. Give them a chance to know that you trust them to do better.

Falling in love can be the best thing you have ever done for yourself and your family.
What have you got to lose? Try it…you’ll like it. Next


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