Sandy Cole


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Dear Angelic Friends,

I am so honored that Jessie asked me to share my columns on Grief Recovery. Having retired from a career of 30 plus years in funeral service and much of that spent as a Grief Counselor, I looked around at the losses that my little community in Oregon has suffered over the last few years, and decided to write a column on grief recovery in the local paper, in the hope that it would help people heal their lives.

No matter where we live, in this great country that we live in, let a lone our local communities, this nation is experiencing a grief process. Most people connect “Grief”, with the loss of a loved one or friend. The reality is that we all experience a grief process not only over the loss of someone close to us, but over the loss of a job, a major dip in the stock market, in having to move, the loss of a pet, the dissolution of a relationship or friendship, children leaving home, or dealing with someone who is struggling with a depilating illness or injury. Anything that disrupts the normal flow of our lives can leave us feeling lost, confused, helpless and disconnected.

In the following weeks I would like to share with you the different stages of grief and ways of working through the process. I would be happy to address any questions you might have. Please feel free to contact me at. As we walk down the path of grief recovery it is nice to have hands to hold. It helps to heal our hearts. (next)

God Bless You.