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     What are those strange balls of light we are all finding on our pictures?  If you own a digital camera I know you are capturing these beautiful, round, brightly colored balls of light called orbs.  When I first noticed them appearing on my pictures I thought I had captured water spots or particles of dust.  However in consecutive pictures the orbs would appear in some and not the next throwing out the theory that it was dust floating in the air.

     My curiosity being peaked I started taking pictures using different cameras and did notice that certain cameras captured more orbs than others.  Out of four cameras snapping pictures at the same time of the same thing not all of them will have orbs but of the ones that do you get the same orb in the same place in each shot.  Prtty cool, huh?

     At every opportunity that presented itself, orbs and the theories of what they are became a topic of discussion.   Where do they come from?  Why do they seem to appear outside and in nature more than inside?  Why do they seem to be attracted to certain people more than others?  Can we communicate or influence them with our thoughtsORBS3?

     Being of a slightly scientific mind, an experiment was conducted with friends and family with amazing results.  We found that if you set out with the intention of capturing orbs on your photos you usually did. Some people attracted them more than others.  Orbs loved rivers and parties. The most stunning results however came with laughter.  We found this out quite by accident sitting around a campfire telling jokes.  While snapping consecutive pictures there would be a few orbs however when laughter rang out there would be 30 more as if they were attracted to the sound.  Laughter IS the language of the angORBSels after all.

     Sacred sites and cemeteries seem to be a favorite gathering place of orbs.  While conducting a cleansing ceremony and smudging the orbs seemed to follow us as we moved around.  In the Great Pyramid at Giza and a mosque in Cairo there were so many orbs it looked like it was snowing!  We’ve noticed that we can recognize orbs that appeORBSar to us consistently.  We have a big, brilliant white one we call Anna.

     Orbs are not just appearing in photographs, they have recently been spotted with the naked eye.   A friend spotted one coming towards her and when it pasted through her body she felt a cold chill.  My Mother, whom I have not shared any of my wild orb stories with, noticed two white balls of light dancing (her words) across the ceiling.  It did frighten her a little bit and she asked me to take her to get her eyes checked.

     Mysterious balls of light are now being photographed all over the world.  Could they be spirit, angels, ectoplasm or your dead Aunt Bessie?  I don’t pretend to have all the answers but one thing I do know for sure.  This is a lot of FUN.  Grab yourself a digital camera, open your mind and go orb hunting.  Don’t forget to laugh.

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