ABC #1

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Are you starting to ask questions about the meaning of your life?  Do you know in your heart that you have a purpose for being here on planet earth?

When you first start this journey of curiosity about your spirituality there is one basic truth that you will embrace with your whole heart.  YOU ARE A SPIRIT HAVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE.  You are not a human having a spiritual experience.  You, first and foremost, are SPIRIT.

Your spirit or soul is ALWAYS connected to God.  When you are born you take on a physical body.  Think of your body as a set of clothes.  Your “clothes” or body is a temporary vehicle that your spirit lives in while you are having your human experience.  When you are in your body your spirit does not disconnect, you just “forget” who you are.  Remember you are a spirit wearing a body.

Your spirit and body are equal partners, walking hand in hand on this journey.  The body is the temple in which your spirit resides.  We are to honor our bodies for this is the way our soul expresses itself.  Only through the physical body can your spirit reach out to your fellow humans.  You are the heart, arms, legs and mouth of God.

A human angel is an ordinary person, like you and me, who accepts the responsibility and makes a commitment to be in the right place and time to be of assistance to another.  It is our spirit reaching out to others using our physical bodies to do so, plain and simple.

Looking at your life from this bigger perspective allows you to make more informed choices about how to live in this human body while at the same time being spirit.  Every human on planet earth is connected to God in this same way.  You have your very own close, personal connection to God that can never be broken.  The bible tells us God will never leave us.  Your physical body will die but the Spirit always lives.  This is the real you. This is who you are, forever and always.

Would you like to be an activated Human Angel?  Look around you at the people in your life.  You have an opportunity to be a human angel to your family, your co-workers and even strangers that you pass on the street.  A kind word, a touch of the hand or even a smile will activate your soul’s heart.  You will be able to feel this in your body and it feels great.

You can start with small acts of kindness and expand from there.  Do you know someone who could use some encouragement?  I want to inspire you to be someone’s human angel today.  Send a card, make a phone call or pay a visit.  We are brought together to help each other. Look around you.  Who’s heart can you touch today?  Ask God to bring people across your path that you can be a human angel to and I guarantee you they will come.

Start to stretch your wings Human Angel…it’s a wonderful life.