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By Linda Lopez

October, Opal
October's child is born for woe
And life's vicissitudes must know,
But lay an opal upon her breast,
And hope will lull those woes to rest.
~Gregorian Birthstone Poems~


The modern Birthstone for October is listed as the Opal. Historically, the Opal was considered a good luck charm that beauty, success to the wearer. It was also believed that the Opal brought foresight and prophecy to the owner through the rainbow captured within it.
According to the indigenous Australians, the Koori, the Creator came to Earth on a rainbow to bring a message of peace to human-kind. At the spot where the Creator's feet touched the ground the stone became alive with all the colors of the rainbow.
The Opal is a brittle stone. Thought to bring luck to the wearer if it was received as a gift.
There is a wide range of colors available which flash with colorful "fire". Black, green, pink, jelly, matrix, boulder opal, fire opal.
If the Opal is not appealing to you and you would prefer another stone to give or have for yourself the Tourmaline, aquamarine and Jasper also belong to the month of October.
As the Opal is a "water" stone, opalized with water I personally, would pick the aquamarine as my alternative to give.
I don't wear opals any longer. I have owned a few pieces however without fail one earring would disappear, then the ring would be misplaced....Not my luckiest stone. Must be because it is not my birthstone or I purchased them myself!
The Tourmaline brings clarity of thought. The aquamarine strengthens the wearers ability to dismiss despair and "wash" away woe.
When choosing your stone. Pick up the opal and hold it. Let it roll a bit in your hand. If you like the feel and look, that is your stone or your gift to give.
Good luck to you and if you are not an October Baby, I wish you well in trying to hang onto your opals!