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By Linda Lopez

Who first comes to this world below
In dreary November’s fog and snow,
Should prize the Topaz amber hue,
Emblem of friends and lovers true.
~Gregorian Birthstone Poems~

The amber hued Citrine is believed by some to aid in health, digestion, depression, diabetes and constipation. It is thought to also aide in mental stimulation, removal of toxins from the body and to improve ailments of the skin. Ground Citrine was also used mixed with wine or in salves, medicinally. The warm hues of the Citrine is favored by Crystal Healers for all the above beliefs as well as for its inherent beauty.
In the past I was not particularly familiar or fond of the Citrine but now, having used them in jewelry pieces, I have found them to be quite calming and comfortable to hold or wear.
Other traits that the wearer may stimulate through the Citrine are bolstering of self-confidence, mental alertness, emotional control and fidelity in friendship or love relationships. Personal fidelity…you’ve got to put it on them to get their fidelity! (In that I can relate to the peridot which is said to promote faithfulness and fidelity in one’s lover if they are born in the month of August as an August child tends to be unfaithful according to legend or lore. Don’t forget to set the peridot in gold though. I guess that is what makes it tick.)
Anyway, back to the November Child and Birthstone. The Citrine is also paired as a companion stone with the Topaz in both its smoky hues as well as its blues for November. If you do not care for its bronze gold and yellows then perhaps you will be pleased with the other ranges in color of the beautiful Topaz. From its palest of blues to deep, rich royal blues, whites, and the man made “Mystic” which is multi-colored much like the Alexandrite, then of course the ambers, yellows and smoke colors.
The Topaz is thought to enhance the wearer’s strength and neutralize enchantments (or in real life, another’s control over the wearer!) 

Whatever you choose, Citrine or Topaz, remember to let your heart feel it before you buy.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about stones or make you your own personal jewelry piece. Please feel free to contact me at mannynlinda@comc


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