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By Linda Lopez

A young lady contacted me last week. She was in a rough place in her life in respect to her job, her finances and her relationship with her young man.  She had a list of stones she wanted to talk about.  It seems that she “needed” to have these stones to “get the energy” and receive the “guidance” she was lacking in her life.

It gave me great pause to try to explain to her something I feel very certain of.  We had a wonderful talk and she did go away with new stones and a new understanding.  So now to clarify to you the reader what I hope you get from my writings.

Stones do not “give the wearer strength” or supply “guidance”.  Stones are minerals or gems of the earth formed by nature’s processes and created by a greater being or entity.  Because of this belief I felt I need to tell her to look within herself first and “feel” what areas she is weakest in.

 We all have the ability to do anything we set our minds to, the ABILITIES are WITHIN us already.  Each person is born or created with such things as emotional and physical strength, intuition, foresight, reasoning, loyalty and so on.  Our Creator has bestowed upon us all these gifts.  He has also created the world around us and within this world are amazing gifts such as the stones, water, creatures and the elements.  All of this is available for us to use and enjoy.

We can and should use our Creators gifts.  It is through the use of stones that we can draw out of ourselves the certain strengths and qualities we feel are weak or hidden.  They do not, and I feel very strongly about this, GIVE us anything new.  They are tools, lovely tools only with which we seek to bring forth our own personal power.

Stones and gems are truly amazing gifts from our God and Creator.
Enjoy and use them well

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about stones or make you your own personal jewelry piece. Please feel free to contact me at mannynlinda@comc


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