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Crystal     After surviving a battle with colon cancer, my thoughts turned to all things spiritual.  When you hear those three little words “you have cancer” your mind goes into overdrive with questions of what happens when you die.  I was on the fast track to getting answers NOW.  Where do you go? Who do you talk to?  Is there a How to Spiritual Book for Dummies?

     I went searching for answers at a local “woo woo” shop called Earthangels.  A friend had told me about the owner, Karen, who could point me in the right direction.  As soon as I entered the door there was a strong feeling of peace and comfort that surrounded me.  Beautiful rainbows danced upon the ceiling from crystals hanging in the windows.  There were books on every conceivable spiritual topic you could imagine with a place to sit and relax with your thoughts.  Angel statues of varied shapes and sizes graced the walls and oh my goodness, the CRYSTALS.  I was drawn to them like a moth to a flame.

     Noticing my mesmerizing stare, Karen suggested I hold a huge, honking chuck of crystal that I soon learned was called clear quartz.  Placing this beautiful stone in my lap was like going home.  Warmth rushed through my body and my heart beat a little faster.  The fear that had gripped me felt like it was being “pulled” (best word to describe the feeling) from me.

     Six books came home with me that day with only one of them being about death.  Oh, and of course, my crystal.Crystal  This was the start of a new life filled with great friends and fun classes.

     All the books described the quartz crystal as “The King of Crystals”.  They are like big battery generators that produce and store energy.  After moving The King around in various sites of my home I finally settled on a spot in front of the window where it caught the morning light.  A side bar…don’t put it next to your bed if you want to get any sleep!

     Studying about the different crystals such as rose quartz for self love and amethyst for spiritual wisdom helped take my mind off of sickness and focus on something more positive.  Soon my pockets were filled with crystal treasures that when touched brought a “knowing” that all is well with my soul.

     Besides being pretty could crystals really help me get connected to my spirit self?  Yes they did, but not in the way I had thought.  When we first start our spiritual journey we have on rose colored glasses, believing that if we read this book or take that class it will give us all the answers.  There was no burning bush and the trip into the desert was just beginning.

Crystal     The most important lessons that the crystals taught me was that learning about being a spirit human is a process and once begun never ends until you die, there is always something new to learn.  That getting started is as easy as finding something that intrigues or piques your interest, like crystals did for me.  That YOU must take that first step, then your angels will take it from there and last but not least, this trip can be the most fun you have ever taken. 

     If you find yourself in a trying situation, may I suggest you change your thoughts?  Go out and have a little fun, read a good mystery, take a walk or maybe even visit your local “woo woo” shop to see what interests you.  Who knows…you might just find your passion.