ABC #2

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Congratulations, you have taken your first step to becoming a Human Angel. This will be an incredible journey of self discovery that will change your life and those around you. We are going to start by learning how to play and have fun. When you start kindergarten the first few weeks of school are all about learning to play well with others. Having fun and playing is good for the body and soul. It charges the spiritual batteries as well as rejuvenates your physical energy

Day by day, we go about our lives dealing with the mundane and material affairs of life. We work at making a living, we raise our families, we clean our houses and mow our lawns. You can derive a lot of satisfaction from completing these tasks, however is it pleasurable? I am NOT telling you not to do your chores, they are just a part of life. What I am asking you to include in your busy schedule is to have a little FUN.

“What?” you say, “How can I do that? The kids have to go to soccer, the laundry is piling up and the honey-do list is a mile long.” As grown-ups we are nurturers of our families, always putting someone else’s needs above our own. We give and give to others until there is nothing left for us. No energy, no time, no fun. This is a vicious cycle and it’s time to STOP. We must take care of ourselves first. That’s right, you heard me, put yourself FIRST.

How long has it been since you had ME time? Took a hot bath or read a Cosmo? Watched the sun set or played with the kids? All of your chores will still be there tomorrow, waiting patiently. A year from now the kids won’t remember that they had clean clothes on a Monday in June. However, they will remember you taking them to the park with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and kicking the ball around. Your partner will be blown away by the night you “surprised” them and won’t care if the carpet didn’t get vacuumed and there’s dust on the coffee table.

Go have some FUN. Put this three letter word back into your vocabulary. Dare to do something different, even if you are alone. Rent a girl movie, go window shopping or take a nap. Whatever is fun for you, just do it! Let this be the year you take charge of your life. You will find that you feel and look better and are more rested than ever. Your outlook on life will improve and so will your health.