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Throughout our lives everyone experiences major life shifts and changes. When these occur they can seem catastrophic or euphoric depending on your point of view and whether they are happening to you or an acquaintance. These major life events are called transitions. Every transition you go through has a spiritual component to it whether you realize it or not. After all, we are Spirits first, living in a physical body. Every thought you think, every word you say has an impact on the Spirit that is you.

The two most important spiritual transitions everyone on planet earth must experience are the birth process and death. The birth of a child is looked forward to and celebrated; however death is looked at with fear and trepidation. The death process is the very last sacred ceremony that you perform in your physical body before your Spirit goes back home to God.

It is your choice as to whether this most sacred of transitions is the blessed event that God and your angels intended it to be for you. Crossing over is a graduation of your soul back to spirit. There is much singing and laughter, which is the language of the angels, when you emerge from the tunnel of light. Heaven throws you a party my friend, WELCOME HOME.

As you approach death, how you view this process is paramount to how easy this transition is for you and your entire sphere of family and friends. If you know that death is eminent through age or illness you have a miraculous opportunity to “set things right” and to be able to say “all is well with my soul”. By changing your perspective of what death is, you change the energy around your passing. You become the teacher.

In 1998, when doctors told me I had colon cancer and might have only two months left to live, I went through a dark night of the soul. At the age of 43, death came knocking on my door. Religious was not a word you would use to describe me although I considered myself a “good” person. I had attended church services off and on over my life and had even taught at a private Christian school. Would this be enough to save me or hopefully just enough not to send me to hell?

Over the course of the next year, in between surgery and chemo, I went on a spiritual quest to find out what really is this adventure that we call death? Asking myself the question “What do I believe?” turned out to be a defining moment. The realization that what happened to my soul when it left my body was not really what death was. It is what you choose to do with the life you have left and what gifts you bequeath to those you leave behind.

A great man once said, “I will be with you always”. What gifts did He leave behind that caused all of humanity to want to love one another? Can we do the same when we leave this earth behind? Can we make a difference in how our loved ones see this spiritual celebration called death? Yes and yes. What are the gifts you are leaving for your family? Is it love or anger, bitterness or forgiveness, fear or joyfulness?

Like the rock that is thrown in the pond and ripples out to the shore, the choice you make will affect all those around you. Can you choose to be the human angel to your family? Say goodbye with grace and compassion, dignity and humility, love and humor. Remember laughter is the language of the angels.