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Now that you have had a little time to “practice” at having FUN, have you found that having fun is harder than you think? As adults we have forgotten what fun is and how it feels to have it. You might have started out by spending money to have fun, like going to the movies or out to dinner. While this is great, I admit, try adding spontaneous fun. While listening to the radio and that oldie but goodie comes on sing along. Grab your husband and dance him across the floor or put the kids on your feet, Dad, and dance with them. Go outside at night, lie on the grass, and look at the stars. Read a book out loud together or have Grandma tell you the story of how she met Grandpa.

All of your attempts at having fun lighten your energy and jumpstart your spiritual batteries. You will find yourself smiling and your day will look a little brighter. Your thoughts will be more positive and you will start to get excited about life again. Now that you are in a good mood, BE THANKFUL. Add Gratitude to the mix of life and EVERYTHING changes. Think of it this way…having fun is the soup of life. It tastes pretty good and it gives you nourishment. Gratitude is the spices…add that to the soup and now it’s the best soup you’ve ever eaten.

A good way to start the “gratitude train” is to say OUTLOUD what you are thankful for. Start with something easy like, “I am so thankful I have food on my table today” or “I am so thankful I have a job to go to today.” By adding the word today it puts it in the NOW. You are expressing your gratitude for what’s happening and what’s in your life right here and now. Try this when you get up in the morning. Be thankful for everything… your bed, a hot shower, that pair of comfy jeans. The more you say the better you will start to feel. It is hard to be in a bad mood when you are expressing gratitude.

Does this still work if you don’t really feel thankful? YES, YES, YES. Just by saying the words you activate your heart’s battery and God takes it from there. This is a great way to start “playing” with spirit. Mom, if you start doing this the kids will want to join the game. The family will try to see who can be the most thankful. It’s like playing slug bug when you’re traveling…you start seeing VW’s everywhere. Your thoughts attract more cars to you, same with thankful thoughts. Start the game by saying something your grateful for that starts with an A…B…thru to Z…that person wins.

Parents, it is up to you to start this new way of thinking for your family. Your children will emulate what they see you do. Watch out parents, your children are much better at playing the gratitude game than you are…just try to keep up.